Sunday, September 11, 2016

Buckner Mansion - New Orleans, LA (The American Horror Story Home)

1410 Jackson Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70130

            Off the beaten path of the busy French Quarter, sits one of the largest and most beautiful mansions in the city. Situated in the Garden District, the Buckner Mansion is over twenty thousand square feet of intricate design and utter awesomeness. For horror buffs, one look at the mansion will immediately look familiar, as it was the home used to film the famed television series “American Horror Story”. However, behind the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, there is a very real ghost tale associated with the home.
            The massive home was built in 1856 by cotton tycoon Henry S. Buckner. His goal was to outdo his ex-business partner’s Stanton Hall in Natchez, Mississippi. With his extravagant taste and hefty bank account, this task was easily accomplished as the grand Buckner Mansion became the pinnacle of homes for the area. The mansion stayed in the Buckner family until 1923, until the home was sold and converted into the well-known Soule Business School. During its years in existence, the institute would be known as one of the best and highly decorated business schools in the south until it closed for good in 1983. The Buckner mansion was then turned back into a private residence and is occasionally rented out for parties and group functions. You too can feel like royalty for a day by staying at this gorgeous mansion for the hefty some of twenty thousand dollars or so per night!

            The home is said to be regularly occupied by a ghostly figure from the past known as Miss Josephine. Miss Josephine is said to have been a long reigning governess and midwife for the
Photo when the home was used as a business school.
Buckner family during much of their ownership. She was so devoted to the family and her job that even when slavery was abolished, she remained to care for the family and home that she loved for many more years to come. Her presence is still felt today, as visitors claim to hear Miss Josephine moving around the house as well as the spontaneous smell of lemons appearing from nowhere. Other poltergeist-like activities have been experienced here such as chandeliers swaying and doors opening and closing on their own. The room that once served as Miss Josephine’s bedroom is also said to be particularly active, as it was the site of several women and children who died here due to complications during childbirth. Visitors have reported an immense feeling of sadness and depression while in this room.

            The Buckner Mansion is the quintessential example of wealth amongst the upper echelon of antique New Orleans. From its beauty, to its size, and even its hauntings, this home is perfect. The only thing left to be desired is a night’s stay that wouldn’t require a bank loan or the pawning of your first born! 

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  1. The elegance and sheer beauty of this historic home is extraordinary.
    Even though the size and scale of the house is imposing, it has never intimidated us; we've always felt comfortable.
    It is so well designed and built with wood that smells so good from 2,000 year old cypress stands that no longer exist. The superb workmanship cannot be duplicated, nor can the sense of well being and belonging you feel that from a time gone by.

    All the while Miss Josephine quietly takes care of it everyday with a dedication for a special place she will never leave.