Friday, September 23, 2016

Morris-Isreal House - New Orleans, LA (Skeletons in Your Closet....Literally!)

1331 First St.
New Orleans LA, 70103

            I had a hard time deciding on whether or not to give this location its own blog or simply add it to the list of “honorable mentions”. Although a private residence, I decided to devote more than just a quick summary of the home, as I truly feel its past deserves a little more recognition than that. As I mentioned, this is a private residence and is not open to tours, loiters and/or solicitors, so please be courteous and not bother the fine people who own the home. Simply read these pages and file it in your “haunted New Orleans” mental file.
            Construction of the home began around 1860 by an Irish architect by the name of Samuel Jamison for local, Joseph C. Morris. Construction would be greatly delayed for eight to nine years due to a little spat known as the Civil War. By 1869, the home had finally been complete and was quite luxurious for the time. Stepping away from the traditional Greek Revival of the time, the home stood out in the neighborhood with extremely ornate amounts of wrought-iron work, almost appearing to be a riverboat, as opposed to an actual residence.

            The home would continue passing through the ownership of numerous individuals and solely used as a private residence. By 1967, the home was in great need of a make-over so a massive renovation began. It is around this time, that a big surprise was awaiting the remodelers. As layers of history were peeled from the home, a shocking discovery was found, as a secret room was located. Upon further inspection of the area, human bones were recovered, which had all been placed in a specific pattern on the ground. It is said that the precise positioning of these remains were in line with an ancient Voodoo ritual to ward off vampires! Was one of the many previous owners paranoid and simply a bit crazy or was the whole idea of vampires in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries not as far-fetched as we all thought? As I have always said, “There is a fine line between genius and insanity!” From that point on, reports of strange paranormal activity have been experienced. Strange light anomalies have been seen and captured on film along with unknown disembodied voices. I mean, what the hell do you expect with a home where human remains were found! As I said, this information is for data purposes only and please respect the privacy of the current owners and simply admire from afar.

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