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Haunted Louisiana Honorable Mentions Part 1

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            I have never claimed to be Agatha Christie or Kolchak but I have tried my best to excavate as much history as I could on haunted locations, especially throughout Louisiana. As you have read, many of these places are worthy of their own books, as they are so rich with interesting tales and folklore. Still, once everything was laid out for presentation, I was still left with a handful of locations that, although little to no history could be found, they have long been rumored to being haunted. Whether it is that these areas have never been investigated, they are barred from the public, or not enough light has been shed on them, I felt that they still had to be mentioned for the sake of truly covering as many reportedly haunted locations that I was aware of. Here, you will find what I simply call the “honorable mentions,” as they still are connected to haunted stories in some fashion. Some may be folklore while others are simply urban legend; they still deserved some form of acknowledgement. This will be part one of a four part series.

Finnegan’s Wake (Alexandria)

812 3rd Street, Alexandria, LA 71301 (31.312064,-92.445767)      

This popular pub in Alexandria is a great place to relax and have a beer. I’ve enjoyed the “beverages” here many times! Prior to Finnegan’s, the building was known as the Riverside Pub. Even prior to that, it was an optometrist office, which later moved to Jackson Street and became Vision Source. Staff has reported glasses sliding off of shelves and a musician once claimed that his guitar was purposely detuned when no one was around to touch it.

Basile High School (Basille)

2835 2nd Street, Basile, LA 70515 (30.48668,-92.596818)

Students that have attended Basile High School have all passed down haunted stories to each preceding class. Students have seen theatre seats moving up and down on their own in the auditorium as well as poltergeist-like activity such as lights turning on and off.

Michelle’s School of Dance (Eunice)

151 N 10th Street, Eunice, LA 70535 (30.495406,-92.425576)

Prior to the dance studio, the building was a private residence. Rumors say that a young girl died in the home in the 1950’s and her spirit now haunts the studio. Her apparition has been seen on several occasions. Paranormal investigators have also walked away with electronic voice phenomena of an elderly woman speaking.

Happy Hippie Restaurant (Lake Charles)

329 Broad Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 (30.229235,-93.215856)

Originally built in the early 1900’s this building has served many purposes. Staff has seen unexplainable shadows as well as the apparitions of an elderly man and woman in early 1900 clothing. Disembodied voices have been heard here as well as one staff member reporting that she had been touched by unseen hands. Our group conducted an investigation here and left with several interesting encounters. While one investigator claimed she was touched, another two witnessed a stuffed animal move on its own!

Avoyelles Parish Courthouse (Marksville)

312 N Main Street, Marksville, LA 71351 (31.127164,-92.065634)

Marksville’s founder, Marco Litche, donated the land in around 1815 which would soon become the courthouse square. Two courthouses actually sat on the property before the present-day one was built in 1927. The first courthouse was a simple two-story structure and was built 1823 with the other being constructed in 1856. For several years, the fourth floor of the current courthouse was used to carry out several hangings. It are these spirits that regularly haunt the building, as staff who have been at the courthouse during late night hours have heard the sounds of footsteps and conversations.

Bombay Club (former) (New Orleans)

830 Conti Sreet, New Orleans, LA 70112 (29.956794,-90.068589)

Although the Bombay Club has recently moved to the Chateau LeMoyne, its former home was inside of the Prince Conti Hotel. Built sometime around the turn of the nineteenth century, this former club is haunted by a former madam who is said to have died here.

The Bourbon Pub (New Orleans)

801 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 (29.959562,-90.064874)

One of the most popular gay bars in the French Quarter, the Bourbon Pub features more than a good time as staff and regular patrons report the bar is haunted by an elderly black woman. Nicknamed “Mam,” she appears as an old house maid, dressed in the fitting ensemble. Strange cold spots and disembodied voices have been experienced here as well.

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