Thursday, September 8, 2016

Biscuit Palace - New Orleans, LA (Hands Off My Buns!)

730 Dumaine St.
New Orleans, LA 70116

            Don’t let the name fool you, as the Biscuit Palace is not a low-rent strip club full of big-bottomed women; however that would be an awesome name for one! Hell, if I ever win the lottery, the club may make for a good investment, as I’m sure there would be many in the market for such a thing. I can see the slogan now: 

           “The Biscuit Palace: You bring the jam, we do the buttering!”
            Despite my lame attempt at levity, the beautiful creole mansion known as the Biscuit Palace was built in 1820 for Christian Rosaleus and his family. Christian was a very prominent lawyer and ultimately became the founder of the very prestigious Tulane University School of Law. The home gets its unique name from the exterior brick fa├žade, which once served as a giant billboard for the National Biscuit Company and its catchy slogan “Uneeda Biscuit”.

            The Biscuit Palace has been historically preserved and transformed into a beautiful and cozy
Well, do you?
guest house. The home is not quite large enough to be considered a hotel and has just a few less amenities than a traditional bed and breakfast may offer. Such is the case with many accommodations in the French Quarter. Many people who tour this beautiful city want as authentic of a stay as possible and that includes no frills. It’s just the right size and comfort if you want to truly appreciate some historic New Orleans culture.

           On a side note, if you do visit the home, I highly recommend walking directly across the street and trying out the Clover Grill. It is the true epitome of a “greasy spoon” in every sense of the word. The diner is open twenty-four hours a day and is operated by quite a group of personalities. When on duty, cooks appear to be your everyday guys grilling grub, yet when off the clock, it is no secret that these fellas dawn the mascara, wigs and God knows what else as full blown drag queens. Personally, I could care less what they do when not at work because they damn sure can do what the sign says in the front window and that is cook the “World’s Best Hamburger.” They are known for their unique cooking style of grilling their burgers under old hubcaps. Don’t
No false advertising here folks!
worry, the hubcaps are not freshly pulled from an 86’ Impala, although the burger’s grease content may have you doubt yourself. Regardless, the steaming effect generates a hell of a good burger and is the perfect ailment for a hangover or a hunger pain. So fear not, should you walk out of your room and “Uneeda Biscuit”, walk right across the street to the Clover Grill and get a whole damn plate of them. Hell, they probably will even butter them if you ask nice! (Insert snare drum here.)

            Now that I have veered off topic and drooled over hamburgers long enough, (I have a tendency to do both), it’s time to touch on the Biscuit Palace’s reputation as being unsurprisingly haunted. Guests have also reported seeing the apparition of a young woman wandering through the home along with hearing the sounds of disembodied voices when no one else is around. Those that have stayed here feel the resident spirit is quite mischievous, as she often likes to take items from guests’ luggage and move them to strange places that they had no chance of getting to in the first place. If you do get the privilege of staying at the quaint little home, be sure you keep a good eye on your belongings and make sure you don’t receive a ghostly grab on the “biscuits”! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist that one!

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  1. I stayed there for 2 nights just a couple of weeks ago. We arrived in the evening and immediately I felt sick (and remained sick for the entire stay). My friends left me there alone to go eat and party. When they left, I was anxious to take a shower and relax in bed. However, things started happening that I couldn't explain. The TV kept shutting on and off by itself (3 times at least) and even once changed the channel. My bracelet that was sitting on the counter flew across the room. An unexplained scratch appeared on my wrist. I called a friend back home because I was so creeped out, I just wanted to talk to a familiar voice. While I the phone we heard voices and she heard soft giggles. I was repeatedly touched. It was terrifying being there alone. My friends came back and claims they experienced nothing for the rest of our stay. Maybe it was because I was left there by myself. Maybe I'm more sensitive. But I will never forget that night! Needless to say... In the two nights we stayed, I slept a total of 4 hours. Lol