Sunday, September 11, 2016

Castle Inn - New Orleans, LA

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1539 4th St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Another beautiful home that quietly sits tucked away in the upscale Garden District is the Castle Inn. Although the Inn has been a popular bed and breakfast since 1950, recent research has found that it may now be closed to the general public. Apparently there were some issues amongst the owners and the Garden District Association, who unfortunately revoked the Inn’s license. This is sad to hear, as it’s always a shame to hear such historic homes being shut off from the public due to unnecessary bickering from the powers that be. Fortunately the owners operate another bed and breakfast in the area known as the Creole Gardens, so be sure and pay them a visit.
As one would ask “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?” can anyone guess what year the 1891 Castle Inn was built? If you guessed 1927, then maybe it’s time to put your computer down and call it a night! From 1891 until 1950, the Inn was a private residence. There are rumored to be a minimum of at least two spirits that still haunt the home.

The first is the ghost of a black servant who was also the residents’ carriage driver. He was said to be a hard worker and loyal friend to the family. He tragically died in a house fire on the grounds. Apparently he was so sound asleep one night, possibly from indulging in too much alcohol, and did not wake up when he accidentally knocked over a heating pot. The flames quickly spread and engulfed the young man. Guests and staff alike have reported seeing a translucent apparition of the servant wandering through the main home. Sounds of coughing and whispering have also been heard when no one else is present and objects have a tendency to move around rooms on their own.
The second spirit that resides at the Castle Inn is of a young girl who also died a tragic death on the property. Prior to the area growing into the community it is now, this part of New Orleans was more open and the land that connected to the Castle Inn was a bit larger. At one time, there was a small pond on the property. A young girl, presumably the child of one of the former owner, fell and drowned in the pond. Her apparition has also been seen running through the house, barefoot and wearing a white nightgown. She is known to be quite mischievous and enjoys touching guests on their legs and messing with the lights in the home.
Hopefully, the individuals involved can come to an agreement and the Castle Inn reopens in the near future. It sounds as though the bed and breakfast would be a delightful place to spend a quiet weekend away from the ruckus of the French Quarter. I can only assume that one who has the opportunity to stay here would be treated like royalty by the living and the dead as both types of hosts here seem to be quite hospitable!

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