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Forbing Railroad Tracks - Forbing, LA (The Tale of the Headless Man)

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Forbing Railroad Tracks

Almost every town in the state has an old urban legend of at least one old house, cemetery, or section of woods said to be haunted. The more I have researched haunted locations around the country, I must add another one of these areas; railroads. It seems that every state has several of these “haunted train tracks”. The regular tale is of either an old man with a lantern who died here or victims of a train accident who haunt the area.
Such is the case in the small town of Forbing. As you proceed on east on Flournoy Lucas Road, you will pass over a small set of tracks, known as the haunted Forbing Railroad Tracks. The hauntings behind these haunted railways originate from a man who was reportedly beheaded on these tracks. Apparitions of a headless man, holding a lantern, have been seen wandering the rails.

The Forbing tracks are also home to the stereotypical story of a busload of school kids who died here. The legend is that if you put flour on the back of your car and park on the tracks your vehicle
Location of the Forbing Railroad Tracks
will mysteriously move off the tracks on their own, showing the handprints of small children in the flour. Please keep in mind that before you go waste your money on flour and taking the risk of killing your engine on still-functioning railroad tracks, be advised that this exact same story is associated with at least twenty to thirty other reportedly haunted railroad tracks across America so take the urban legend with a grain of salt, or shall I say...flour! Ok that was lame.
However, the tracks are most noted for the sightings of the strange glowing light anomaly, associated with the headless apparition said to have died here. Probably about fifteen years ago is when I first began hearing of this tale. A friend of mine had visited these tracks late one night, pulled off to the side and swears to have seen a bluish ball of light coming down the track.
According to him, the light appeared to slowly sway back and forth until it neared his vehicle then suddenly vanished. After a few moments, the same ball of light appeared on the opposite side of the tracks, as if it had passed through his vehicle and continued on down the railway.
It's always a bit frustrating with locations such as the Forbing tracks. A legitimate paranormal encounter may have taken place here, yet over the years, people add theatrics and additional false stories, causing most people to discredit anything associated here. This may not always be the case, as activity may sometimes be present, just not to the severity we have been told for years.

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