Saturday, August 27, 2016

Miller Cemetery - Eunice, LA (The Headless Cemetery)

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Headless Cemetery
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        Widely popular amongst local teens and urban legend enthusiasts, the Miller Cemetery, also known as the Headless Cemetery, is said to be home to several strange encounters with spirits from beyond the grave. With some burials being reported as old as the late 1800's, locals feel that the spirits of many buried here still wander the grounds. In particular, the cemetery's nickname originates from the numerous sightings of a supposed headless apparition.
        As with many of these sort of supposedly haunted locations, there always come a few good tales. One in particular is that if you pull up on the grounds late at night, your vehicle will always kill and you will have trouble starting it back up. Several years ago, a small investigative team visited the Headless Cemetery and they claim that this very phenomena occurred to them.

        As if legends of headless ghosts and possessed transmissions are not enough for you to be intrigued, guess what else is supposed to be here? You guessed it: Devil worshipers! Like I mentioned before, when in doubt, if a location does not sound creepy enough, throw in the everyday Satanist and
He's BACK!
you are all set for a hell of a story! Legends are that there are several graves here said to be those of individuals who practiced Satanism, which is kind of contradicting when you think about it. If someone worshipped the devil, why would they choose to be buried in the manner of Christians? Meh, I guess they don't iron out all these details when setting up the story lines. We are supposed to just go with the flow and believe the stories like the gullible little sheep we are! Note the intense sarcasm!
        Regardless, as I've said, these are not the end all, be all of haunted locations. I can assure you that many or these spots have more credibility than others in regards to legitimate paranormal phenomena. Still, for entertainment purposes and rumor-mill fanatics, I have to include the Headless Cemetery in this blog. One thing I do know is that the cemetery is completely off limits when the sun goes down, as visitors will be prosecuted so just take the legends with a grain of salt and move on to the next location. If you don't care to heed my warnings, don't call me for bail money!


  1. There are no Satanist's buried there. It's a family cemetery of mostly Catholics with a sprinkling of various Protestants.
    Source:I'm a married member of the family.